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February  Edition 2017

February 16th-18th, 2018




Dave Bennett
@Heinz Hall

This weekend February 16th-18th, 2018

[From Dave Bennett.com]

A multi-instrument phenomenon, Dave Bennett is a clarinet virtuoso who plays electric guitar, piano, drums and vocalizes. He is the only artist anywhere saluting The Roots of Pop:covering music from the Swing Era to early Rockabilly and Country, to Elvis Presley, the Beatles and more.
     Entirely self-taught, Dave began at age 10 on clarinet listening to and quickly playing along with Benny Goodman records. At 12 he was invited by legendary jazz trumpeter Doc Cheatham to the bandstand of New York’s famous Sweet Basil jazz club. By 14 he was out frequently touring around the USA with Michigan’s New Reformation Dixieland Band. Later self-taught instruments were the electric guitar and “boogie-woogie” style piano.
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Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre
Presents Swan Lake
@Benedum Center

February 16th-24th, 2018

The company’s eclectic style and irrepressible energy have been shaped by a series of distinguished artistic directors over nearly five decades.
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